Anabel Balcana

Born in 1971, music has been a part of Anabel's life since a very young age, and she feels a special connection with the music of Southern Europe. She has undergone extensive musical training in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, as well as Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich and Zurich under well-known singers, guitarists and cajón players, but has also taught herself much of what she knows.

She often plays evening concerts and gigs with various ensembles as well as solo ('Nachtasy' Thalia Theater Hamburg) or in Husum, Schleswig (Landestheater), Hamburg (Goldbekhaus), Berlin (Clärchens Ballhaus, Junction-Bar, Knaak-Club), Munich (Tollwood Festival) and Zurich. She has toured throughout South Germany with kayenne.

She also gave several cajón workshops with

Immersion in the world of flamenco, peñas, clubs and everyday life is the dynamo that drives her passion for

music as a way of life.....

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previous appearances



  • Sat, 21.09.19, 8pm
    ´Noche Andaluza´
    FlamenCorazón y Susanne Etmanski
    Tisch&Stuhl, Gaußstr. 60
  • Sat, 07.09.19 , 8pm
    guitar, vocals, cajón
    Hamburger Theaternacht
    Thalia Theater
    Gaußstr. 190
  • Sunday 26.05.19, 7pm
    ´Marcin y Anabel´
    spanish worldmusic
    Ort: Tisch&Stuhl
    Gaußstr. 60, HH-Altona
    entry 10.-€

  • Thur., 18.04.19
    DUO FlamenCorazón
    guitar, vocals, cajón
    whole evening with many bands
    "SÜDPOL" Süderstr. 112, Hamburg
    (S- Hammerbrook)
  • Sat. 15.06.19, beginning: note the flyer !
    Trio FlamenCorazón
    at: ´48h - Wilhelmsburg´
    in Wilhelmsburg
    (S-Bahn Wilhelmsburg)


  • Sat. 08.09.18, beginning: note the flyer
    Trio FlamenCorazón
    Hamburger Theaternacht
    Thalia Theater, Gaußstr. 190
  • Sun. 27.05.18, 7pm
    Trio “FlamenCorazon”
    Thalia-Theater Hamburg
  • Sat. 10.03.18, 8pm
    Trio “FlamenCorazon”
    Dance, Vocals, Guitar, Cajón
    Kanalplatz 16
    S-Bahn Harburg Rathaus


  • Sun. 12.11.17 at 7pm
    'Solo y Duo Flamenco'
    Vocals, Guitar, Cajón
    Gaußstr. 60
  • Sat. 07.10.17 at 6.30pm
    Trio “FlamenCorazon”
    Dance, Vocals, Guitar, Cajón
    at the “Harburg Music-Night”
    Harburger Schloßstr. 5
    S-Bahn Harburg Rathaus
  • Sat. 09.09.17 around 9pm (please note the Flyer)
    Anabel "Solo"
    "Theaternacht Hamburg"
    in "Nachtasyl", Thalia Theater
  • Sat. 10.06.17, 15:00
    Trio “FlamenCorazon”
    Dance, Vocals, Guitar, Cajón
    at “48h Wilhelmsburg”
    Hafenmuseum Hamburg
    (S-Bahn Veddel)


  • Sat. 19.11.16, 20:00
    “K.I.W.”, Soiree
    Anabel performs in the first part of the evening
    Entrance: 10.- Euro
    Registration till: 12.11. at
  • Sat. 10.09.16, 19:30
    Trio “FlamenCorazon”
    at the Harburg-Music-Night
    Harburger Schloßstr. 5
  • Fri. 02.09.16, starting at 18:00
    at the annex of Gaußstr. 60, Hamburg
    extracts from her solo-program


  • Sat. 13.06.15, 20.30
    (Dance, Vocals, Guitar)
    “48h Wilhelmsburg”
    Am Inselpark 15, S-Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg
    Loft: Tobias Bergmann
  • Sat. 30.05.15, 20:00
    in Studio
    Beerenweg 8, Hamburg
  • Sat. 28.03.15, 20:00
    in Studio
    Beerenweg 8, Hamburg


  • Sat. 01.11.14, 19:00
    “einfach klasse”, Restaurant-Kneipe
    Dorfstr.2, Götheby
  • Sat. 13.09.14, 19:00
    Concert with “Dos Costenos”
    and “Entre dos Mares”
    in Hartmann's Landküche
    in Husum
  • Thur. 19.06.14, 20:00
    Concert with “ENGRUPO”, Café Estoril,
    Osterstr. 158, Hamburg
    Dance, Guitar, Cante, Cajón